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Film Festival on Art & Artists to become biennial 


The Film Forum of the JD Centre of Art has held the unique Film Festival on Art and Artists for the last 12 years, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We have screened many documentaries, features, shorts and animation films on various forms of traditional and contemporary art. We have also held accompanying talks, master classes and workshops. This has been to raise awareness and sensitize the widest audience possible to the visual arts and to tell the story of the artists behind them.


The festival has grown every year from a handful of people to audiences of thousands. Now with all the experience behind us, we are working towards making the festival more vibrant and professional. To make this a reality, JDCA has decided to make the festival BIENNIAL. This will further help us raise the bar on the quality of films, as not enough are made on visual arts, which is our primary focus. Moreover, it will give us time to mobilize more funds and personnel. We aim to present the new format at the JDCA site, which is opposite Khandagiri Caves. The building and its galleries that were designed by the eminent architect, B.V. Doshi, are under construction.


JDCA is a commitment, dedication and a labour of love, and many government and private institutions have contributed, as have individuals, with their time and expertise. As we continue with all our other activities, we seek your support and wholeheartedly appreciate any time, money, ideas and effort that you are able to give. We look forward to welcoming you at the Centre with the 13th edition of the revamped Film Festival on Art and Artists in 2020.

Past Film Festivals

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