Modern Art


Traditional Art & Craft


Jatin Das' Art



Jatin Das started collecting beautifully crafted objects, much before the idea of the Centre came into being.

As the idea of the Art Centre grew, his house and studio became filled with the growing eclectic pieces. With different galleries in view, Jatin goes on acquiring unusual hand-crafted articles, even today, both in India and overseas.


The current collection contains:

  • Modern Art

  • Jatin Das’ Art

  • Traditional Arts & Crafts

  • Traditional Textiles

  • Pankha (Hand fans): over 6,000 hand fans

  • Films on Art: over 2,000 films

  • 10,000 hours of audio and video recording on tribal and folk culture of Odisha

  • Books on Art: over 8,000 publications

  • Recordings of more than 238 lectures on Art {Meet The Artist illustrated lecture series} held at JDCA over the last 19 years.

Traditional Textiles