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Meet the Artist (MTA) is a permanent in-house program of JDCA, where invited artists, craft persons or scholars through their illustrated presentations create an appreciation of all forms of visual art. 

Since 2001, 271 such MTAs have taken place on the second Saturday of every month. Currently, our session is conducted online in collaboration with the India International Centre, New Delhi

272 Meet the Artist 
Alka Pande 

Curatorial Strategies for Museum Displays

at 5 pm, Saturday, 13 April 2024

About the Talk

As a Curator, Dr Pande has worked in different areas; from being the director of a university and state-run museums to a private museum. The talk centres around the different strategies required for setting up collections that may be permanent, as well as curatorial strategies for temporary exhibitions.  


As the curator of Kanha Museum of Life and Art in Madhya Pradesh, Tulika Kedia’s collections, The City Palace Museum in Udaipur, and The Museum Biennale; she has discovered that each of these Museums require different strategies because of content and visitor experiences. Dr. Pande holds that museums today are laboratories of idea generation; they teach us not only about our past but also help us shape our future.


Alka Pande

An academic who has taught Art History and Art & Aesthetics at Panjab University, Delhi College of Art, National Institute of Design and the DJ Academy of Design, Coimbatore. Dr Pande’s fields of interest and scholarship are in gender identity, sexuality, traditional arts, Indian aesthetics, visual culture and photography, her most recent contribution being the 108 Portraits of Indian Culture and Heritage series.


Involved with the world of art for more than three decades, she has been responsible for curating several significant and perceptive exhibitions in India and abroad. Dr Pande is responsible for setting up Divine Gesture, Udaipur City Palace and Kanha Museum. She was involved in the planning behind Bihar Museum Biennale 2021, and was the chief curator for Bihar Museum Biennale 2. Currently, Dr Pande is a consultant art advisor and curator of the Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi (India).

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