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Monthly Meet The Artist Illustrated Lecture Series

The "Meet The Artist" (MTA) series has run uninterruptedly since September 2001 from the Centre's temporary office in Bhubaneswar. On the second Saturday of every month, a scholar, artist or craftsperson is invited to present their work to an audience. Both well-known and lesser-known contributors run the gamut of the visual and plastic arts, from architects to weavers, sculptors to graphic designers, drawn from contemporary, classical, tribal and folk backgrounds. The programme has embraced a broad definition of the term "artist", encompassing sessions on e.g. the preservation of temple murals, town planning in Odisha, the origin, evolution and use of script. Every meeting is recorded; the tapes, already a substantial archive, are stored for study and research. In future, JDCA hopes to develop a series of small monographs springing from these sessions.

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