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121 craftspeople, sabai grass, lacquered toy



228 craftspeople, tribal jewellery



57 craftspeople, stone carving 



200 craftspeople, golden grass



200 craftspeople, golden grass



120 craftspeople, golden grass



201 craftspeople, sabai grass, bathudi dhokra


163 craftspeople, bamboo, stone carving



597 craftspeople, coir toys, golden grass, wood carving, pattachitra, appliqué, palm leaf, palm basket, pottery, stone carving



188 craftspeple, tie & dye


JDCA identified 50 traditional master craftspeople and artists from 13 districts of the state who received financial support of Rs 4,000 from Sumanasa and Bhuvana Foundation. 

Relief to over 2,100 Craftspeople in 14 Districts

of Odisha

In these troubled times, thousands of artisans are have no sustenance post the lockdown. With many at the brink of starvation. JD Centre of Art (JDCA), though bogged down by its own share of lack of funds, has over the last four months worked to raise funds to provide immediate assistance to artisans in distress by reaching out to those most vulnerable through grass-root craft organisations to provide relief rations for a month.


JDCA as a part of the Creative Dignity movement that has brought together diverse creative producers, practitioners and professionals to provide relief and sustained prosperity for the craft communities.

Odisha has an incredible cultural repository and yet is one of the most vulnerable states in the country. The lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic had a tragically adverse impact on many communities. In these trying times, JD Centre of Art has taken the lead to bring together more than 40 craft-based organisations and individuals that work with over 20,000 traditional makers, to provide ration relief. It has also partnered with other donors to provide relief to adversely affected masters of traditional art and craft.


Between May and September 2020, JDCA reached out to more than 2,100 craftspeople in 14 districts in Odisha to provide relief ration kits. This was made possible with the support of Goonj, Industree, Sumanasa and Bhuvana Foundation. 


To ensure that the rations reached the artisans, JDCA collaborated with 9 NGOs: Adventure, Mayuree, Odisha Rural & Urban Producer's Association (ORUPA), Anwesha Tribal Arts & Crafts, National Rural Development Council (NRDC), Puri Creative Handicraft Industrial Co-op Society Ltd, Society for Women Action Development (SWAD), Unnayan and Sambhav. Relief was planned meticulously, ensuring transparency with photographic documentation of the efforts to ensure that the ration reached all the vulnerable craft communities across Odisha.


There are still thousands of craftspeople in Odisha that need help. The monsoons have the predicament worse, but with your support, we can reach out to many of them.  

If you would like to support, please email us

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