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Film Festival on Art & Artists

The JDCA Film Forum is a permanent programme initiative for archiving, documenting and screening of films on art. The Film Forum Archive already houses over 2,000 documentary films. This archive is planned under the larger umbrella of Odisha Cultural Resource Centre.


Under the aegis of the Film Forum, JDCA has organised thirteen Film Festivals on Art & Artist since 2006.

Eminent film makers, critics, artists and scholars from all over the country participate in the festivals, which have been widely covered in the National Print and Electronic Media.

About 35 selected films are shown over three days, open to all and without ticketed entry with a host of ancillary programmes and interactions. The event allows the viewers to explore the personal vision and creative process of both the filmmaker and the artist.

The 13th Film Festival was held from 7-9 February 2020 at the JDCA site and IDCOL Auditorium in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. 

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