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Funding Requirements​

JDCA’s funding requirement can be broadly divided into following three areas:

  1. Infrastructure

  2. Projects

  3. Programming

  4. Operation and maintenance


1. Infrastructure

JDCA has two stage of infrastructure development:

1A. Block A, approx. 15,500 sqft

Ongoing, around 80% funded by Ministry of Culture and 5% by BIOCON Ltd, which covers the civil construction and partial interior design.

1B. Block B, approx. 7,000 sqft

1C. Temporary Art Studio & Residency


2. Projects

JDCA’s four main project areas are

2A. JDCA Collection Inventory

2B. Education, Training & Outreach

2C. Souvenir and Centre’s Publication

2D. Special Projects

The ongoing archiving, research and documentation of JDCA collection is currently funded by NATCO Ltd. for a year to cover the basic stipend and travel for the team.

However, the centre urgently requires funding in purchasing  professional museum archiving software and to cover expenses in collection conservation and photo documentation.


3. Programmes

The annual film festival on art & artist has been held for the past 12 years on a frugal budget and are funded partly by Govt. of Odisha and other sponsors. The monthly meet the artist programme is run on centre’s budget.


4. Operation and Maintenance, per year

Supporting the JDCA

Founding Benefactors (the creation of one block)

Credited in the following manner:

  • Gallery Block by: name of Benefactor

  • A plaque in each of the galleries within the gallery block, strategically located

  • Credited in all relevant publications


Benefactors (the creation of one gallery)

  • Credited in the following manner:

                {particular gallery} by: name of Benefactor

  • A plaque in the gallery, strategically located

  • Credited in all relevant publications that mention the sponsored gallery


Both Benefactors will be provided with:

  • A sustainability plan to be self-sufficient within 5 years

  • A detailed utilisation report of funds within 3 years, for each year



  • Project, Programme and Infrastructure specific funding

  • This may be a one-time grant or a grant paid annually to support for a period of time.

  • A sign strategically located in the space where the Project, Programme and Infrastructure is located

  • Credited in all relevant publications that mention the specific area of support


Phase 1 is underway with 40% funding from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Construction of Phase 2 will start in 2018end. 

Committed Benefactors

Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India
Govt. of Odisha

Jatin Das

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon

Gautam Adani, Adani Industries

Deepak Chopra Foundation, USA


Committed Collaborators

Google Cultural Institute, Google Adwords


Sources of Funding Being Explored:

  • Corporate/Private Benefactors/Sponsors

  • Govt. Grants

  • Revenue Generation by JDCA

The funds will be used to cover the one-time costs of building, interiors and operations cost for first three years.

Tax Exemption

The trust has been granted tax exemption
(Section 80G) and clearance from the Home Ministry, Government of India, to receive foreign funding (FCRA).

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