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Art in the Smart City Visioning Workshop

by Bhubaneswar Collective

3-5 November 2017, Bhubaneswar


The Bhubaneswar Art Collective, formed by JD Centre of Art, Utsha and IPCA, together with Bhubaneswar Development Authority and Smart City Authority, organised a three-day visioning workshop on“Art in the Smart City” for the 5th Bhubaneswar Urban Lecture. Eminent artists, thinkers, city officials, urban planners, architects created a vision, goal and envisaged pilot projects to realise a framework for public art for Bhubaneswar. The Chairman, Jatin Das through a video recording shared his vision for art and culture for the city, while Siddhartha Das, the Vice Chairman through his presentation linked public art with public space.


Video Report

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